Getting Traffic to Your Home Based Business and Downline Recruiting Explained

Running a home based business is all the same regardless of the industry. Whether it’s affiliate marketing, network marketing, a more traditional business or any of the various internet based businesses, there are certain things that must be taken care of for your business to run smoothly and make a profit.

Traffic – whether it’s customer, sales leads, affiliate leads, etc. – must be coming in for your business to survive. A storefront with no customers will go out of business very quickly. Simply, that is why location is so important for storefronts!

With that said, we also need to focus on the right kind of traffic and make sure we’re not sacrificing one for the other.

When recruiting for a home based business, we tend to get lost in downline recruiting. A lot of home business owners focus so much on recruiting more distributors that they forget about their product or service. The product, of course, is what generates the money that you hope to make! If you want distributors that are going to buy your product and market it enthusiastically, then shouldn’t you target those people first? Target people that will buy your product!

Lead With The Product

One of the truths about marketing and recruiting for MLM is that you’ll sell more product then opportunity. More customers then distributors. Understand this about downline recruiting and work with it. If you try to recruit 100 people into your business, maybe you get 5 distributors into your business.

But if you talk to those same 100 people about your product or service, then maybe you get 20-30 customers. In addition to those customers, those same 5 or so potential distributors will probably ask about your business and end up signing up anyway because their interest will be piqued. This is a key angle to understand about downline recruiting

So, 5 distributors? Or 5 distributors and 30 customers?

The best rep, after all, is someone who already uses the product and enjoys it. Focus on people that want your product in the first place. By focusing on customers you also leave the door open for some of the other customers to see your business grow and join you later on. You’ll be keeping in touch, after all, because they are a customer of yours.

These types of distributors will stick around longer because they are not opportunity seekers. They bought your product because they wanted it and they joined your business because they like the product. An opportunity seeker will always be looking for the next opportunity and it’s rare that they stick around long term. Downline recruiting is tough enough as it is without opportunity seekers

But a lot of distributors will leave eventually. By focusing on customers, these distributors will remain your customers even if they stop working the business. An opportunity seeker leaves you with nothing when they leave your company. Make sure your downline recruiting efforts aren’t put to waste.

Does this information ring true for you? If you’re struggling with your business and you know that step-by-step coaching with guaranteed results will take you to the next level, please contact us.